Can I prescribe on Vetster? (UK)

Veterinary surgeons in the UK can prescribe veterinary diets and nutritional supplements as well as products classified as POM-VPS, NFA-VPS and AVM-GSL. The prescribing of  POM-V medications, via virtual consult is currently not permitted in the UK.

Prescribing via remote means, the veterinary surgeon, pharmacist, or suitably qualified person (SQP) must be satisfied that:

  • Alternative, non-POM-V medications are not suitable for the situation.

  • The benefits outweigh any risks.

  • Follow-up service is available, whether through the initial veterinarian or the client's home veterinarian*.

For further details, please consult the RCVS or Noah Compendium websites. 

*In the event you are unavailable for the client through Vetster, follow up services are communicated to the client post appointment via email.