Do I need liability insurance?

In the rare event that a pet owner misinterprets your advice or the advice you provide negatively impacts the patient’s wellbeing, Vetster has your back!

Maintain confidence in your practice of online pet care through Vetster’s $5M Professional Liability insurance coverage. Offered at no cost to every Veterinary Technician and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in good standing on Vetster.

Key points:

  • Available to every Technician and Veterinarian on the platform

  • Offered across North America

  • Unmatched in the online veterinary care industry

How you're protected:

  • You are eligible for coverage if a pet owner makes a claim against you. For example, in the event your medical advice accidentally resulted in the harm or death of that pet.

  • You are eligible for coverage if a fellow Veterinarian makes a claim against you. For example, if the advice provided to a pet within a pre-existing VCPR is deemed negligible.

What's not protected:

  • Nefarious advice provided intentionally to the pet owner.

  • Instances of practicing beyond your scope. For example, a Technician diagnosing a medical condition; a Veterinarian providing a prescription in a state that does not recognize the establishment of a VCPR via telemedicine alone.

Consult with Confidence. Vetster has you covered.