Do I need liability insurance?

Vetster provides $5M Professional Liability insurance with liability protection for all pet owners’ telehealth consultations by phone and video conference conducted through the Vetster platform.  

This means that if your current professional liability insurance policy will not provide you with the coverage, this policy will respond in the event of a claim. If your professional liability policy does respond, the Vetster policy will act as an excess policy which will respond in the event that your primary policy limit has been used up. The insurance is provided at no additional cost to you.

Key points:

  • Available to every Technician/Nurse and Veterinarian on the Vetster platform

  • Offered across North America & the UK

  • Unmatched in the online veterinary care industry

How you're protected:

  • You are eligible for coverage if a pet owner makes a claim against you. For example, in the event your medical advice accidentally resulted in the harm or death of that pet.

  • You are eligible for coverage if a fellow Veterinarian makes a claim against you. For example, if the advice provided to a pet within a pre-existing VCPR is deemed negligible.

What's not protected:

  • Nefarious advice provided intentionally to the pet owner.

  • Instances of practicing beyond your scope. For example, a Technician diagnosing a medical condition; a Veterinarian providing a prescription in a state that does not recognize the establishment of a VCPR via telemedicine alone.

Consult with confidence. Vetster has you covered.