Noise Cancelation & Virtual Backgrounds

Our new noise cancelation feature is now available to use and will block most sounds that are not speech such as fluttering sounds from fans or outside traffic coming in from an open window. This new feature will provide your clients with a better audio experience through increased sound quality and overall clarity.

But that’s not all! Virtual backgrounds are also now available, with multiple options including Vetster-branded, the classic blur, or an image of your choice. Noise cancelation and virtual backgrounds are currently only available on web and mobile web when using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Safari and Firefox.

You can access both these features either in the virtual call waiting room or during a call with your client. First, select the gear icon, followed by the Audio or Video tab.
To turn on the noise cancelation feature, switch the toggle button from left to right where it says “Noise cancelation”. To turn on virtual backgrounds, simply select or upload an image and click save. Even easier, you can update both of these features prior to calls through your Chat Settings.