Routine Fecal Diagnostic Kits (US Only)

Routine fecal diagnostic test kits are available to all US veterinarians on Vetster. No prescription is required and ordering a diagnostic kit does not constitute establishing a professional relationship. By pairing this over-the-counter consumer product with a follow-up consultation to discuss the results, we hope to not only increase the value of home diagnostic test kits but also improve pet well-being. 

Here's how it works:

  1. In your Vetster account, and within the appropriate appointment record, order the Vetster Diagnostics + Follow-up appointment through your prescription pad. Your client will receive an email letting them know that a kit has been added to their account for them to order. Your client can then decide whether they’d like to proceed with placing the order.
  2. Once your client orders their diagnostic kit, it will be delivered to them within 2-3 business days. All of the instructions and materials needed will be provided within the kit, along with a shipping return label so they can easily send the completed kit to the lab.
  3. Once the lab receives the diagnostic kit, results will be released within 24 hours. Completed test results will be automatically uploaded to the follow-up appointment record.


Priced as a bundle fee of $119 USD, clients will receive a comprehensive test kit, inclusive two way shipping, and a follow up Vetster appointment with you, the ordering veterinarian, to review the results. Once the results are available, our team will contact your client to schedule their appointment. Completed follow-up appointments will be paid out at a flat rate of $42 less standard platform fees.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience team via live chat or email.