Should I book a Vet Technician appointment?

Registered, Licensed or Certified Veterinary Technicians (RVT, CVT, LVT) offer a wealth of pet health information and knowledge. These accredited professionals have completed a minimum of 2-3 years of professional education in order to attain their certification. While they can provide health and wellness advice, they cannot provide a diagnosis or a prescription as related to your acute pet health concern. Therefore, we suggest selecting a Veterinary Technician if you do not require a diagnosis or prescription, but rather are inquiring about the wellbeing of your pet.

Example concerns include:

  1. Diet and nutrition advice

  2. Behavioral and training advice

  3. Puppy and kitten wellness advice

  4. Vaccine information

  5. Weight management and exercise advice

  6. Quality of life concerns

  7. and much more!

Are you still unsure as to whether a Vet Technician appointment is right for you? Send us a chat message and we’ll be happy to help!