Vetster for Vets Mobile App (UK)

Your appointments are about to get even more amazing.

Veterinarians have been asking for this and we're thrilled to let you know that the Vetster for Vets mobile app is here! The new mobile app is designed to help you take calls while on the go from your mobile device. The app is designed to complement the web experience, where you will still have access to our full suite of tools.

The new mobile app makes it easier and more convenient to connect with pet parents through great video quality, and a suite of easy-to-use appointment features:
  • High quality video calls: Conduct video appointments from your iOS or Android device.
  • Appointment management: Update your calendar availability and rates. Temporarily pause or un-pause availability to accommodate schedule changes (and life!).
  • Direct messaging: Connect with pet parents after appointments to provide additional support.
  • Electronic Medical Records: Capture medical records in-app during and post appointment, including prescriptions and OTC directives.
  • Rx Pad: Use the prescription pad to write Rx for online or local pharmacy fulfilment. OTC items can now be added. 
  • Follow-up: Send a follow-up appointment request to your clients right from the app.

In combination with the existing desktop/web app experience, you can now be fully mobile when it makes sense for you.

Available now for iOS and Android!
Download on the Apple App Store and Google Play