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Vetster for Pet Parents Mobile App

The most convenient way to care for your pet - 24/7 - from anywhere!

It comes jam-packed with incredible features making it easy for you to connect with a veterinarian and take care of your pet.

  • Convenient - Book an appointment anywhere, any time. On the road, in the park, at home, Vetster is with you when and where you need us!

  • Easy to Use - Available for iOS and Android users, customers can book an appointment in less than 5 clicks.

  • High Quality Video & Voice - The power of mobile cameras and microphones make connecting with Vetster veterinarians a great experience.

  • Thousands of Ailments & Questions Answered - Vetster’s licensed veterinarians can help with many issues through telemedicine including dietary needs, fleas, ticks, worms, changes in stool, scratching, limping, and more!

  • Prescriptions - Where regulated, Vetster Veterinarians can prescribe medication for your pet at the time of your appointment and ship directly to you within a couple business days!

  • Easy Follow Up - Book your follow up appointment with the same Vetster veterinarian to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Download the Vetster App for the best experience!

Available now for iOS and Android!
Download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.