What happens if I decline an appointment?

Please confirm your appointments as quickly as possible after receiving notification. Refusing or declining an appointment is only for extenuating circumstances, as a last resort.

As noted in Vetster’s Standards for Virtual Care, our goal is to provide an excellent client experience by allowing clients to see the vet they book with, essentially the same as what they would expect in a brick-and-mortar clinic setting. As a result, the ability to decline appointments is not meant for use in selecting the types of appointments you are seeing on the platform, or for other less critical reasons. 

If your need to decline the appointment was because of your availability not being up to date, please take a moment to adjust your calendar. We have multiple scheduling tools to make it easy for you to ensure your availability stays up to date. We understand that scheduling flexibility is one of the factors that makes virtual care appealing, so schedule adjustments are quick and easy to make, even on short notice. If your calendar shows you are available, you are expected to see the appointments booked with you during that time. 

If you have any questions or require assistance managing your availability, please contact our Customer Experience team. We’ll be happy to help!