What is the difference between telehealth, telemedicine, and teletriage?

Telehealth is the broad, all-inclusive term encompassing the variety of healthcare services that are provided using technology for remote communication. Telemedicine is the subset of telehealth that is the actual practice of medicine, carried out by licensed professionals and regulated by law.

Telemedicine may be practiced once you have an existing professional relationship, or are able to establish one virtually based on the guidelines of your governing body. Within telemedicine you provide care in the same way as you would in person, including diagnosing and prescribing as appropriate.

Teletriage is the same as traditional triage, but it takes place using electronic communication technology for remote communication. Most veterinarians are accustomed to performing teletriage on the phone when scheduling appointments in the clinic. Video and photo sharing tools on Vetster improve teletriage services. Teletriage may be provided both within or without the context of a professional relationship.