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Why should I use Vetster?

Vetster provides any pet parent with accessible, quality pet healthcare from a licensed veterinary professional at any time of day. All from the comfort of home, at an affordable price point. All you need is an internet connection.

Vetster will help solve these key pet parent challenges:

  • As a pet parent, how do I know when my concern warrants a trip to the vet? When I Google my concerns, I am left confused and worried.

  • If I need to see my veterinarian, what do I do if they are unavailable/ the clinic is closed/ it’s a weekend/holiday/ I am out of town?

  • If my veterinarian is available, what do I do if I can’t make it into the clinic during normal business hours?

  • If I can’t reach my regular veterinarian, do I head the emergency clinic?

  • What if I can’t afford the emergency clinic, which is typically 3x the cost of the regular clinic?

  • What if I live in a rural town and can’t even access any veterinarian?