If I can't diagnose or prescribe in my state/province, what can I do on Vetster?

Each region sets their own rules and regulations as to what type of care can be provided. In some regions, a VCPR can be established via telemedicine and diagnosing and prescriptions can be provided.  In others, diagnosing and prescribing can be provided in emergency circumstances and our platform does allow for prescriptions for these situations. It is also important to note that if a VCPR has already been established in person, it can continue in the virtual space. 

Even in cases where you cannot prescribe, you can provide a large range of valuable veterinary care advice; review an existing diagnosis, support pet owners in the management of chronic medical conditions, triage/support decision-making processes for owners in urgent situations, and discuss common pet care advice you routinely pass on to your clients in a clinic setting.

For more information on providing general advice in virtual care, see our blog post.