Setting your availability

Keeping your availability up to date is one of keys to success on the Vetster platform. Not having your availability updated can lead to missed/cancelled appointments and a poor user experience for you and your clients.

Vetster's top 3 tips for optimizing your availability;

  1. Set your base availability for the work week

    Under "Availability" select "Hours of Operation", you can set your default hours of availability on a weekly basis. Update this as frequently as you need!

  2. Set your minimum advance notice to accept an appointment

    In the same section as above, you can set your "minimum booking notice". This is the minimum amount of time you need prior to accepting an appointment. The default time is set to 30 mins. and can be adjusted to up to 6 hours. This can be updated at anytime.

  3. Block off periods of unavailability that fall within your default "Hours of Operation"

    Under "Availability" select "Calendar". Here you can add in blocks of time that you are unavailable. Appointments will not be able to be booked during these periods. You can now import external calendars (Gmail, Outlook etc.) on Vetster.