Vetster Practice Standards for Virtual Care

Thank you for using Vetster! Here are a few reminders to you, our veterinary partners, to keep in mind while practicing on Vetster so clients and patients receive the best care possible.


Privacy matters:

Vetster partners are known for their professionalism. When you’re taking an appointment, we ask that you find a quiet and private area. Refrain from taking appointments while in transit, around household family members, and in public settings. Clients deserve a veterinarian's undivided attention and this helps to maintain a high standard of professional care.

Preparing for your appointment:

Depending on the amount of advance notice required for an appointment, it is advised to prepare as best as you can for all your appointments. If you have specific questions or require your client to share files/photos with you prior to the appointment, please reach out to with your appointment time and Reference ID, and make a request for the client to add this information. Our Support team will do their best to get this information added prior to the meeting, so you may review and prepare.

Starting on time:

It is important to be both punctual and reliable for all your appointments in order to deliver the best experience and instill client confidence.

Lighting your space:

Good lighting is key when it comes to creating a professional video experience. Try finding a room that offers enough natural or artificial light (without appearing oversaturated) so you can be seen clearly.

Maintaining a professional and personal image:

Vetster clients are far more likely to schedule an appointment if they can place a face to your name. When it comes to your profile photo, avoid blurry selfies and use polished headshots instead. Similarly, we ask you to show up to appointment calls appearing just as professional as portrayed in your profile photo.

Testing your device ahead of time:

Please make sure all software and hardware is working properly ahead of client calls. It's important to test your audio and video settings, and to ensure that your device’s battery is all charged up ahead of time. This will ensure you can appear on video and use audio for the best possible appointment experience. To do this, please login to Vetster and navigate to Account, then Chat settings, to test your device.

Completing the appointment (and medical record):

Once you’ve finished the in-call session of the appointment, you will need to promptly complete the appointment record within 24 hours. Please fill in all notes, complete medical records, complete scripts (if any), and send follow-up booking requests (if needed). Payment for completed calls is processed once the appointment record has been completed. Additionally, please be aware that if you do not complete an appointment record within 24 hours of the in-call session ending, your Vetster account may be paused and you may risk non-payment. We appreciate your consideration in this regard so clients can get the information they need as soon as possible, and we can ensure regulatory compliance.

Handling client no-shows/technical difficulties & insufficient appointments:

For client no-shows, we ask that you reach out to our Support team within the first 5 minutes via chat or email so that we can help connect you. Our policy is that you remain on the call for at least 15 minutes. If your client doesn't show up for the appointment after 15 minutes, please click the pop-up button My client didn't show up and immediately reach out to our Support team.

If you note that your client appears to be having technical difficulties joining the call, reach out to our Support team immediately and remain on the call for a minimum of 15 minutes so our team can help your client to connect. In order to receive a partial payout for either of these instances it is required that you connect with our Support team. For the most updated information on this, click here.

Note that Vetster has the right to withhold payout if it is deemed that the appointment was insufficient or unsatisfactory.

(Updated as of: February 27, 2023)

Thank you for contributing to a professional and enriching Vetster experience! We value our veterinary community and appreciate all that you do.